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Chief Sootscale Makes Good

According to the ancient Kobold lore, passed down from chief to chief of the Sootscale tribe, it is not a good day when a bunch of well armed bigs make their way into your home, particularly if one of your people is tied up and leading them. This has — or so it is whispered — completely destroyed some tribes, leaving only one or two left to escape to other clans and tell the tales of the bigs with their magics and their swords and destructive might.

That’s why he’d let that sorcerer in; he’d said his tribe had been killed by bigs, and he had magic to help keep it from happening again. Honestly, Chief Sootscale wasn’t smart enough to figure out the contradiction there. Then things started going badly, the mites were hurting them worse than normal, and the sorcerer kept saying that his god needed sacrifices to keep them safe. Everyone was worried how much worse it’d be without the sacrifices, and then the mites got in and stole the god’s idol.

When the bigs showed up with Mikmek in tow, and carrying the idol no less, the Chief felt that sinking in his stomach that finally everything was over. And screw that! He was a Sootscale Kobold! He was Chief here, not some stupid sorcerer. Not some statue of a god. Screw that! He trashed the idol and that freed his people from the curse.

He and the bigs and his men all went and they got rid of that bad sorcerer, and took back all their gold. He gave some stuff to the bigs so they won’t kill of his tribe, and even sold them some crossbow bolts for some shinies. And they even killed off a bunch of the mites, enough that he was planning on a raid to take care of the rest of the nasty little things.

So maybe sometimes ancient Kobold lore isn’t always right. Still, good idea to be cautious.


JoeTortuga JoeTortuga

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