Joe Tortuga’s Hangout/ Pathfinder / Kingmaker Game

I’m sure there’s a better name.

I’ve made this public for now, until we start, but because of the nature of it, I’ll make it private to our friends once things gear up. If you want to play this, and are coming from my G+ circle, just follow this campaign, and I’ll add you to it. You can log into Obsidian Portal with your Google Account, and go from there. If you’re not on G+, well you’ll need to be to play, since we’re using the Hangout feature as part of this.

Just send me a note on G+, here’s my profile: Joe Tortuga

We’ll use this for information, communication outside of game sessions, and use hangout to run the sessions. I’m still debating about how to run combat in the most efficient way, but feel free to comment here on on G+ about it. It also has some character sheets and data that will help organize things, as these Adventure Paths are long. Plus we might get some downtime play in the forums here.

For now, check out the PFSRD Wiki also take a look at the Kingmaker Player’s Guide available for free from Paizo. Then take a look at Character Generation for how I’d like to do it.