Character Generation

Character Generation

Here’s a link to the Pathfinder SRD Character Generation Page

We’ll be generating characters using the point-buy system at the “High Fantasy” level — that’s 20 points. We’ll be starting with first level characters. If people join after we’ve started, we’ll negotiate that then.

Please feel free to use the core races and classes, however you want. The Kingmaker Player’s Guide lists a lot of information for customization of the core races and classes, and planning forward. There are also Adventure path traits of interest that could be intriguing. I don’t have a problem with what Pathfinder calls “base classes”. The magus looks kind of interesting to me, but you won’t have the same kind of info or support in the Adventure Path docs.

I’d like to limit races and classes to just those: core races, core classes and base classes. We can talk prestige classes, sure, but I don’t want to use 3rd party material for this. I’m still figuring out the quirks of Pathfinder, and there seems to be plenty of choices with that subset.

Add your character, when you’re done to the database here. There’s probably a pathfinder character sheet to use, but I’ve not had a chance to review them. Worse case, we can just write them out. (There are some good spreadsheet ones on Google Docs as well).

As an example, here’s a google template for a fairly comprehensive spreasdsheet: Epizephyrii’s Pathfinder Character Sheet

Also, you may pick two traits, one of which I suggest you pick as one of the Kingmaker Campaign Traits. (Otherwise, you can only pick one trait per list type, see the pfd20srd for more info)

Character Generation

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