Pathfinder/Kingmaker Hangout

Experience Award 2

Sorry for the lateness of this, but you explored several new areas, and overcame some small challenges. There were 4 of you there, and each awarded 450xp for last time.

That’s a total of 1218xp for anyone at all sessions. As a reminder: 2000xp for 2nd level. There’s still very much more to be done in the Stolen Lands!

Experience Award

You defended Oleg’s and went and cleared out a bandit camp, capturing several of them, as well as interrogating them. For that, everyone who was there earned 768xp. We’re using the “medium” track, which mean you need a total of 2000xp to level.

Other rewards and missions await you at Oleg’s upon your return there.

Rhistl's Notebook
Oleg begins our journey.

Here is the sheet for our group loot collection [google doc].

Here is an extract from Rhistl’s party journal.

• Oleg
• Slvana: 250g for Moon Radishes.
• Kestin Garris (King’s Guards)
• Jod Koffkan (Aristil)
• Rhistl – Me
• Gorgik – Barb
• Ophelia – Vivien (Oracle)
• Alyosha – (Alchemist) – house of the bear.

General Info
Travel Time
• 3hrs – plains hex
• 5hrs – non-plains hex
• 12/miles/hex
• 1-day search plains
• 2-day search non-plains
• 3-day mountainous
• 100-party XP per hex (divided)

The Thorn River Gang
• Second in command shows up every time
• Kressle (she, our leader)
• “By the bloody bones, of St. Gilmore; who wants to know?”
• Small mites stole their stuff.

Other Notes
Baken’s Hut
• Requests fang berries for cheaper potions. (55 miles southwest of Olegs).
• Breeg’s Gone Missing (Hunter who uses too many traps.)

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