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Level Administrivia

Since we have someone level 3, and the rest of the core party is level 2, new characters and anyone not quite level yet, should level up to level 2 before the next session!

If you need help, let me know, I’m on G+ pretty much always.

House Medvyed in the Southlands

Being the travels of Alyosha Medvyed during the times of the Southern expansion and the formation of the kingdom of TBD.

A Journey in the Dark

We had come upon, in our earlier travels, a small kind of fey, much the same size as Nixies, with the rude countenance of an ogre or some other beast, sparsely haired, a squashed, flattened nose, bleary eyes and the most peculiar bluish pallor to their skin. Oleg named them mites and seemed to see them as a nuisance, more than anything. We had tracked them, previously, to a large tree standing freely in the middle of the plain, where it seemed they had gone to ground, quite literally – the tree had at least one entrance into an underground area that we had seen that day. It was to this tree that we returned.

We traveled most of a day south and somewhat east from Oleg’s trading post and came in sight of the tree as the afternoon was wearing on. Approaching the tree cautiously, we saw nothing moving about on the surface, which in itself was not surprising, As Oleg had said they were mostly active at night and in dark environs. Searching around the base of the tree we found an entry there that we could all fit through, though the godtouched woman and the half-orc were probably more hard-pressed than myself and the monk. Still, all of us were forced to stoop to some degree to get into the entrance, which only added to the difficulty of it being effectively a dirt-walled tunnel. Once inside the tunnel it was clear we would need light, as only myself and the monk could see well at all, a torch was kindled and we moved further into the tunnels.

It was not long before we made contact with the mites of the tunnels, we came upon three of them and were immediately set upon, dispatching them quickly without much trouble. In the room we had encountered them, there was a passage that was nearly vertical leading down to a lower chamber, from which we could hear rough laughter and tormented squeals. Dropping into this chamber, we were again set upon by some half dozen more of the mites, at which point the half-orc seemed to go into a frenzy of action, the monk and myself acquitted ourselves well, while the godtouched woman watched over us, she has proven before to be an effective healer, and her abilities in that role would become needful for myself shortly. After the mites had been dealt with, we found the source of the squeals, a darkly scaled kobold was bound by the roots hanging down from above to the wall and had been being tormented by the mites. He gave his name as Mikmak, and claimed to be of the Sootscale clan, which were the known group in the area that we were to either eliminate or parlay peace with, he said he had come to retrieve an idol the mites had stolen. The creature seemed quite pathetic and we decided to leave him where he was and come back for him after dealing with the remaining mites.

Moving along the passage out of that chamber we came to a chasm in the path, it appeared to be something one could jump across, or climb down into and back up the other side, as we were discussing how to pass this obstacle, the half-orc pointed out a large creature that was nested left of the passage in the chasm. To our revulsion it was many legged centipede of daunting size, fully the length of a river canoe. I threw one of my concoctions at it and somewhat botched the throw, but fate conspired to allow me to look not quite the fool I had feared I might, and it landed in the center of the creature’s body instead of on its head, as I had intended. The centipede was definitely aware of us at that point and whether due to ill luck, or my attack upon it, the damned thing headed straight for me. It struck quite hard and I was knocked unconscious. By the time the godtouched woman had revived me, the half-orc and the monk had finished off the centipede. I have resolved not to anger large insects in the future, if it is avoidable.

With the centipede taken care of, we moved on up the passage, the monk again leading. These mites must have some affinity for insects because the next group we came upon seemed to be keeping a large tick as a pet. Again we had little trouble overcoming them, some of them running in fear after we had killed the tick and what appeared to be a leader from his somewhat less shabby clothing. On a rickety table there we found a small bone idol that appeared to be what Mikmak had mentioned earlier, beside what seemed to be a map made of piled dirt, leaves and branches. The map didn’t seem to correspond with any area that we had explored yet. The only other chamber was a common area that was empty as we entered it, the remaining mites having chosen to flee.

We retraced our steps and freed Mikmak who then led us to the Sootscale camp, I sought to use the idol as a bargaining tool to force a peace with the Sootscales, but the godtouched woman gave it freely to the Sootscale chief. His behavior was somewhat unnerving, as he lifted the idol over his head and dashed it to the ground, then gathered his warriors and attacked a shaman within the den, we were drawn into the brief conflict, and when the shaman was dead, we were able to secure a peace with the leader of the Sootscales, they are an ally of such now. As part of the negotiations, we were able to retrieve the ring that Oleg had asked us to look for, I am certain he will be relieved to have it back. The chief has in his possession a small bag of soil that seems to have strange properties, but I was unable to get him to part with it.

Chief Sootscale Makes Good

According to the ancient Kobold lore, passed down from chief to chief of the Sootscale tribe, it is not a good day when a bunch of well armed bigs make their way into your home, particularly if one of your people is tied up and leading them. This has — or so it is whispered — completely destroyed some tribes, leaving only one or two left to escape to other clans and tell the tales of the bigs with their magics and their swords and destructive might.

That’s why he’d let that sorcerer in; he’d said his tribe had been killed by bigs, and he had magic to help keep it from happening again. Honestly, Chief Sootscale wasn’t smart enough to figure out the contradiction there. Then things started going badly, the mites were hurting them worse than normal, and the sorcerer kept saying that his god needed sacrifices to keep them safe. Everyone was worried how much worse it’d be without the sacrifices, and then the mites got in and stole the god’s idol.

When the bigs showed up with Mikmek in tow, and carrying the idol no less, the Chief felt that sinking in his stomach that finally everything was over. And screw that! He was a Sootscale Kobold! He was Chief here, not some stupid sorcerer. Not some statue of a god. Screw that! He trashed the idol and that freed his people from the curse.

He and the bigs and his men all went and they got rid of that bad sorcerer, and took back all their gold. He gave some stuff to the bigs so they won’t kill of his tribe, and even sold them some crossbow bolts for some shinies. And they even killed off a bunch of the mites, enough that he was planning on a raid to take care of the rest of the nasty little things.

So maybe sometimes ancient Kobold lore isn’t always right. Still, good idea to be cautious.

Experience Award 2

Sorry for the lateness of this, but you explored several new areas, and overcame some small challenges. There were 4 of you there, and each awarded 450xp for last time.

That’s a total of 1218xp for anyone at all sessions. As a reminder: 2000xp for 2nd level. There’s still very much more to be done in the Stolen Lands!

Experience Award

You defended Oleg’s and went and cleared out a bandit camp, capturing several of them, as well as interrogating them. For that, everyone who was there earned 768xp. We’re using the “medium” track, which mean you need a total of 2000xp to level.

Other rewards and missions await you at Oleg’s upon your return there.

Rhistl's Notebook
Oleg begins our journey.

Here is the sheet for our group loot collection [google doc].

Here is an extract from Rhistl’s party journal.

• Oleg
• Slvana: 250g for Moon Radishes.
• Kestin Garris (King’s Guards)
• Jod Koffkan (Aristil)
• Rhistl – Me
• Gorgik – Barb
• Ophelia – Vivien (Oracle)
• Alyosha – (Alchemist) – house of the bear.

General Info
Travel Time
• 3hrs – plains hex
• 5hrs – non-plains hex
• 12/miles/hex
• 1-day search plains
• 2-day search non-plains
• 3-day mountainous
• 100-party XP per hex (divided)

The Thorn River Gang
• Second in command shows up every time
• Kressle (she, our leader)
• “By the bloody bones, of St. Gilmore; who wants to know?”
• Small mites stole their stuff.

Other Notes
Baken’s Hut
• Requests fang berries for cheaper potions. (55 miles southwest of Olegs).
• Breeg’s Gone Missing (Hunter who uses too many traps.)

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