Pathfinder/Kingmaker Hangout

Rhistl's Notebook

Oleg begins our journey.

Here is the sheet for our group loot collection [google doc].

Here is an extract from Rhistl’s party journal.

• Oleg
• Slvana: 250g for Moon Radishes.
• Kestin Garris (King’s Guards)
• Jod Koffkan (Aristil)
• Rhistl – Me
• Gorgik – Barb
• Ophelia – Vivien (Oracle)
• Alyosha – (Alchemist) – house of the bear.

General Info
Travel Time
• 3hrs – plains hex
• 5hrs – non-plains hex
• 12/miles/hex
• 1-day search plains
• 2-day search non-plains
• 3-day mountainous
• 100-party XP per hex (divided)

The Thorn River Gang
• Second in command shows up every time
• Kressle (she, our leader)
• “By the bloody bones, of St. Gilmore; who wants to know?”
• Small mites stole their stuff.

Other Notes
Baken’s Hut
• Requests fang berries for cheaper potions. (55 miles southwest of Olegs).
• Breeg’s Gone Missing (Hunter who uses too many traps.)


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